Got a funny story or seen something worth sharing?

img-flipped_funny_dog_pictures_images_photos_0311041309We’d love to hear it and if our editor feels it’s worthy (he’s a right grumpy bastard) we’ll publish it on the site.

It must be EITHER an amusing made up news item (similar to OR viral stories from around the web which our readers will find funny / interesting / newsworthy / outrageous.

Have a browse around the site – this will give you some idea of the kind of thing we’re after…

What’s in it for me? You may well ask.

You get the huge glory of writing for a stupid tin-pot online blog plus on the 1st of each month we will give you 50% of the advertising revenue from your posts (minimum payout £20). If it’s a good story, it’ll get shared around and could even go viral!

All you’ve got to do is REGISTER as a guest writer, write a “New Post” (250-800 words) or copy/paste a viral post (NB. Please credit the Original Source) and if we use it, we will credit you with a link to your personal profile page, where you can tell the readers all about you and your personal site (if you have one) plus drop you an email giving you a link where you can read or share your story.

Of course you retain the copyright for anything you have written so you are free to use it on your own website or even, god forbid, tell it to a friend down the pub!