Man Gives Compliments To Strangers Around Town Just To Brighten Their Days

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to to change someone’s entire day. The could have had a rough night’s sleep, a bad day at work, car problems and personal problems and a simple smile and “hello” could be all that it takes to bring a little happiness to their day.

Being nice to others and making someone else happy can cause a chain reaction. You become happier for making someone’s day a little better, and they will want to share that with other people they come in contact with throughout their day.

Peter Sharp is no stranger to bringing joy to other’s lives. His YouTube channel is extremely popular, and it’s not hard to understand why when you see all of the videos he posts of his “urban adventures,” like the cool, impromptu dances he puts on, fun festivals he hosts, and spontaneous parties he throws where everyone is invited.

While this video’s concept is a lot more simple than many of the others, it’s the simplicity that makes it so great. Approaching people randomly, giving them compliments like “you are beautiful exactly the way you are,” and “you’re an awesome person” he and his friend are able to bring smiles to the faces of quite a few people.

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