Who you calling grumpy?The Daily Rag was set up in late January 2013 by a curmudgeonly old web designer who was sick of reading all the doom and gloom in the “regular” newspapers and thought it’d be a less boring idea to build a team of roving (or even static) reporters who could make up a load of old bollocks and brighten up your (delete applicable) twitter / tumblr / linked-in (god i hope not) / myspace / facebook-obsessed lives.

So that’s what I did.

I started by using stories from other satire and parody sites (credited, dear reader) plus funny shit off facebook and twitter until I built up a team of good-for-nothing authors who were actually pretty damn funny.

This site is supposed to be a light hearted look at life. However, if you’re as crotchety as me, you might find some bits offensive or out of line. I try and use Creative Commons images, but if you find images or text that is your copyright and you’d like me to remove, just email me at info@thedailyrag.co.uk and i’ll try and “quote you happy”.

Now go on, get out of here and stop bothering me. I’ve got things to do…. Like whinging etc.